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Hurlcon Astralpool MX/HX 70280 Gas Heater Thermostat PCB Main Board

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Thermostat - Touchpad Printed Circuit Board Controller for most Hurlcon / Astralpool HX, MX & JX gas heaters built after 2001. Some are labeled HEAT10.PCB Genus 4,  HEAT13.PCB Genus 4. Genus 4 V2, 70280 Genus 4 by Fabtronics. A814073-002 A814073-001 Genus4 Heatar CTL 16F888ITN09-0779-0000 P/N A814073-002 0927240622 B 504073-000 0701002969

Some older Hurlcon heaters may have only 3 buttons on the label, but has a cutout on the back for the 4th Pool/Spa button. You will need to replace the Sticker on these.

We sometimes have Refurbished* Thermostat PCBs. Please note that you *must* send your old Thermostat PCB back to us. 

New Sticker / Decal / Facia / Labels are here, and we strongly recommend replacing with new PCB, as some of the older ones were not UV Resistant.

A-Grade Refurbished boards have good screens, and High & Low-Speed Comms.

Low-Grade Refurbished boards sometimes have some LCD 'bleed' on the screens, but are perfectly  usable. They may also have water damage repairs.  May not have Fast-Comms.

Boards may come mounted in a plastic facia, as we sometimes store them that way to protect the long, fragile buttons.

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