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Chinese eBay Aurora Infinity Megastore KL8-3 Touchpad Keypad

E-Think We-Think / KL-8 KL8 KL8-3 Ebay / Chinese / Aurora / Infinity Spa Touchpad

  • $330.00
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Special Order Item. Item cannot be returned for refund. See below for more details.

These are commonly used on Ebay and Chinese Spas. Due to their nature, we recommend upgrading to an reliable controller.

Common on Aurora Spas / Infinity Megastore Touchpad / eBay / Chinese Imported 

There are several common versions of this touchpad that are identical on the front:
Check to see if your old touchpad is compatible. Make sure it does NOT have a BLACK CABLE GLAND on the underside.

If the old Touchpad DOES have a black cable gland, these touchpads are not compatible and will not work. These also have a round plug.

 We strongly recommend you replace your entire controller with this one.

This is not a "swap-and-see-if-it-works" service and should only be installed by a qualified / person. Gas & Electrical parts are not DIY! 

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