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Gecko SSPA Laing Style (Trombone) Heater


Gecko SSPA Laing Style 2.0kw heater. Replaces all other kW rated heaters. Laing Style; 2.0kw heater (pressure switch not included)...

Xylem (ITT Laing Thermotech) E-10 Circulation Pump 3/4" Barbed - Also replaces E10


Used in many spas since the mid 1990's, such as Sundance Spas, Sweetwater Spas, Dimension One Spas, Hot Spring Spas,...

Xylem (ITT Laing Thermotech) E-14 Circulation Pump


Same threads to suit major brands' barrel unions.  This pump looks expensive to start with, but is THE most economical...

LX Whirlpool JA35 JA 35 spa circulation pump 0.35hp, 250w


LX Whirlpool JA-35 circulation pump with top centre discharge - used on many Chinese manufactured / Aurora / Infinity Megastore...

LX Whirlpool JA50 spa circulation pump 0.5hp, 375w

$275.00 $335.00

Used on many Chinese manufactured / Aurora / Infinity Megastore / eBay / imported spas. LX Whirlpool JA-50 circulation pump...

40mm Circulation Spa Bath Pump Unions


Pump Barrel Union that suits several brands and styles of pumps and heaters.  Suits the following:LX JA35 & JA50SpaNET XS-3cAqua-flo...

Gecko SSPA MSPA S Class Spa Builders Low Flow Control System Replacement


This SP800AUS-20 kit is a perfect replacement for control systems that run a low flow circulation pump and heater(Gecko SSPA...

Aquaflo CMCP Circ Master HP Circulation Pump 1/15th HP - 170w & Alternative Replacement Pumps

$295.00 $693.00

  Aquaflo Circ-Master HP circulation pump CMCP - this is the 2nd most economical high flow circulation pump in the...

Spa Sanitation System - Chlorine Free


This is a Spa Sanitation system we actually use on our own spa. We haven't added Lithium, Bromine, or Peroxide...